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It's all about Retail Sales as we know this is the easiest form of extra revenue and generates a team that gives results to your customers and motivated to do well. 

Delforge + Co has designed the Retail 360° Tool for Spas and Beauty Salons to support both Managers and Team to achieve their best. 

We take a 360° look at Retail Sales as we believe that selling is part of a team effort. By taking you through the whole journey, we teach you what each aspect of the team has to do to increase the revenue by identifying at each aspects of their roles.



Management Training is crucial for your business growth & essential for their own development.

Valerie Delforge finds that supporting the Managers creates solid foundation for the future. 

With her extensive experience in Managing large teams, Valerie is able to identify what is needed to support the managers to deliver, structure and focus for the year ahead. 



Your team is the heart of the business

Generate motivation and lead your team to success with these team trainings that Delforge + Co has to offer

Valerie & Terri inspire teams to achieve their best and have proven track record to generate results from their training.

Team Training will be fun, informative, different and impactful for long term results. 


OR discuss your needs for your bespoke Training


Every business is different, with aspiration that are unique to them or difficulties that are affecting them.

Sometimes as an owner or manager, you can't see what needs to be done, or you can but unsure where to start. Perhaps you are extremely busy and have no time to analyse your future growth. 

If that is the case, Valerie will listen, create and motivate you to follow the path to your dreams with this Bespoke Business Development Programme. 




Valerie has supported a lot of brands to generate growth, structure and focus.

Discover the trainings available and discuss your needs to create your bespoke programme. 





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