10 Efficient tips for better time management

1. Visualise what you want the extra time for. Start a new hobby? More time with the family? Do some yoga? The stronger the visualisation, the stronger you'll become at time managing

2. Use a yearly calendar to decide on timelines. Input your holidays, time off, meetings, recruitment days, networking. Basically everything that's already planned from both personal to business matters.

3. Once you have your calendar you're ready to create your comprehensive and extremely detailed to do list

4. Have one to do list only with both your personal and work tasks, this way you're creating a healthy balance between the two

5. You then have to work out your priorities for the week ahead. Because you have micro tasked the to do list you'll be able to see what jumps at you the most. If you think about things in a logical manner, you'll know what an absolute must is and what can wait a day or two.

6. Do not have more than two priorities in a day. The more you give yourself to do in one day the less likely you are to achieve.  If you've completed at least one priority a day, you'll be more proactive and have time to do more of the little things from your to do list

7. Update your list weekly. Whether you do this on Sunday or Monday, this habit will enable you to structure the week ahead. 

8. Have a little booklet with you at all times and use it for brain dumping. This will enable you to stop thinking about those niggling little problems and ensure you don't forget any sudden brain waves. Then when you're updating your to do list, you'll look in this book and see if there's anything from it you'd like to add to your to do list. Some of the things you've written might not be relevant anymore.

9. You will never finish your to do list, once you've accepted that you can start to create a process that will become a lifelong habit

10. It takes 21 days to change a habit so be consistent for that period of time. After 3 months you'll find you've really achieved.

Time management is at the centre of everything we do and ultimately gives you more freedom. 


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

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