Your website - The basics

Your website is another shop front as well as being the voice of your brand. 
Imagine that when the customer enters your site, he/she is entering your world - they will form an opinion very quickly.

At a conference with Google and Redken, the following was observed:

  • 40% of customers will leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

  • Once the page is loaded, it will take no longer than 5 seconds to form an opinion

  • 88% of customers will leave your website following a bad experience

Baring these facts in mind, take a look at your website - ensure you're grabbing your customers attention and getting them to convert to either a sale or a treatment booking.

Above the fold is the upper half of the front page of a newspaper where an important news story or photograph is often located. If you apply this to your website, social media or emails, what would you want the customer to see before he/she scrolls?

Here are a few guide lines for creating your website:


  • Put your contact details at the top of the page bold and large

  • If you have a booking widget through your online system, it should appear instantly as you open the page to entice customers to BOOK NOW

  • Put your address on the first page but not necessarily above the fold

  • Ensure there are not too many tabs, be precise in your description, we don’t like to read too much!

  • Put a link to your social media on the top of your page to entice customers to follow you instantly

  • Videos are becoming more popular, a very good way for clients to enter the world as you see it.


  • Put offers and promotions above the fold.  There's a risk of devaluing your brand as soon as the page is loaded

  • Have too many tabs, remember people get bored quickly

  • Display low quality images

It's a good idea to check some of the brands you like in order to get as many ideas as possible, even if it's from a different industry, brands you admire and love!

Remember most of the time, the simpler the better..