Remain consistent with your social media

1.    Posting regularly is important. Fans get bored. If you have a long period of inactivity on social media it isn’t unusual for your followers to assume you've closed

2.    To remain consistent your style of posts need to stay the same. If you're going for a really clean, simple look then stick to it. If you're wanting bright, colourful and quirky images then stick with that. Changing your style will confuse your following.

3.    Other things to consider regarding consistency are the time of day, the types of posts, the use of hashtags and your tone of voice.

4.  Experiment with the time of day you post and work out which is the most popular. Don't assume a Sunday is a quiet day or that 10pm is not relevant. It all depends on when your audience is most active. 

 5. You can schedule posts so your social media is happening regardless of you having time or not.



To Be consistent

Post regularly

Remain consistent with your style

Time of day

Use of Hashtags

Tone of voice


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

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