Encourage conversion

1. Trial and Error

By using analytics tools you can work out when your audience are  most receptive to your posts and what type of posts are the most successful depending on your goals.

Which posts are creating conversion? What time of the day is best to post for you? What posts are  gaining you followers? Which posts are creating interaction?

2. Customer journey      

A really simple way to increase conversion is to think about your customer's journey.

Go through the different ways in which a customer might find you and think about their journey when booking an  appointment.

Think of the following when trying to get a customer to book online:

  1. A customer comes across your social media or is already a fan but a recent post appears on their feed.

  2. The customer wants to book a blow dry but before they do so they want to check when you’re open. By having your opening hours and address on your Facebook profile you’re giving the customer all the information they might want without them having to search for it.

  3. The customer is drawn to the Book Now button on Facebook which some systems can operate.

  4. Similarly with Instagram, you can now create bookings.


3. Reduce barriers for booking        

The easier you make the booking process the more you'll create conversion. 

If your customers are unsure or have questions about the  service/times you are open/address etc they may just start looking  elsewhere.

Ensure you're always encouraging bookings with clickable buttons and adopt the 3 clicks method. Any more than 3 clicks to get to book the appointment and the customer gets bored.