Influencers on Social Media

1.    Looking to influencers can be a great way to grow your following but also a great place to look for inspiration. Follow people related to your industry and look at what they post, how they post it, their tone of voice etc. Follow those you most admire.

2.  Interacting with influencers is a great way to get your brand picked up by them. They’ll enjoy reading comments on their pictures or replies to their tweets from a brand in an industry they love. If they reply to you, their followers are more likely to follow you in return. Getting a retweet from a big twitter influencer could mean a few hundred new followers.

3.   Influencers aren’t just bloggers or people, they are other brands. Collaborating with other brands is one of the best ways to gain followers and potential customers. Who is in your local area? A bridal boutique? Why not offer to do the hair for models at one of their events or shows? This can be in exchange for one or all of the following: a mention on social media, a mention in their email,  your card being included when they give theirs out at an event, or a personal recommendation to their brides to be who may be looking for a hairdresser.

4.   A lot of bloggers or social media influencers will work with you for free or in exchange for perks - e.g. a free manicure. Use Google, Instagram or Twitter to find a blogger who lives in your area.  Read some of their blogs or tweets. Follow them on a few platforms, comment on a picture or tweet them. Then when you come to email them they should already have seen your name. Make your email personal, there's nothing worse than a blanket email to bloggers.



Follow, interact and work with your influencers

1.    Follow those you  most admire

2.    Look at influencers that have a large following

3.    Find a way to collaborate

4.    Encourage interaction with your brand