Facts about Customer Reviews

  • Don’t underestimate reviews

Reviews encourage customers to book.  This is how Treatwell has built their business - by getting customers to leave reviews. Just like TripAdvisor, Top Table or Last minute.com, the customers like to make up their own mind.  

  • I don’t want Bad Reviews!

Constructive reviews identify areas for improvement and drive better practices (83% of business leaders cite customers as the biggest driver of change and the pressure point for change). Consider them the eyes of your business - they will tell you the good the bad and the ugly! Isn’t it better to know? You are then able to correct the problem.  Even if the complaint is unfounded, other customers will judge you by your response. Reviews also are a way to assess your team, if a member of your staff has constantly bad reviews or none at all, you can manage that situation better with concrete evidence.

  • Customers who receive great service after a negative experience become brand advocates

It's often forgotten that this industry is run by people for people. Therefore things can go wrong, it’s human nature. Customers don't always speak up on the spot but will do so by means of a bad review.  Turning around a customer who leaves a negative review can be one of the most satisfying aspects of running your business.

Show how much you value their custom by offering a goodwill gesture - something you're happy to give.  That customer will then become your biggest fan.

  • Customer reviews are great for generating engagement

That amazing treatment Mrs Smith is raving about? Use these great reviews to engage with your clients and lure them in. Put them on your website, Social Media or even in your salon.  This can be by means of window display, mirrors, frames etc. You could even create a book. Great reviews need to be shouted about.

  • Fast response

Managing them within 24 hours has to be the norm. We understand that it's difficult in the service industry but it's important you make it a priority.