Build your followers from your clients

Look to your clients to start building your followers. Social media is about retaining as well as attracting new customers. You or your members of staff should be mentioning your social media to your customers. Explain that they can follow you online for exclusive discounts and offers.

Push your social media logos and your hashtag within the salon and anything you may send a customer away with. For example, mirror stickers, window stickers, receipts, leaflets, recommend a friend cards, loyalty cards.

Give them £5 off their next treatment for following you on the social media platform you're trying to build. Invite them to follow you to enter a competition. Ask them if they're likely to post a picture of their new locks on Instagram - if so maybe they could tag you.

Ask your customers if you can take a picture of them and upload it onto social media, the chances of them following you and reposting the image is high!

You can also invite your clients to leave you reviews on Facebook.


To summarise: Build your followers from your clients:

Incentivise both staff and customers

Social Media links everywhere

Encourage your customers to tag their new haircut/product

Encourage reviews