5 tips to remain professional on Social Media

Social media is a platform for your brand, not a platform for your own voice. Keeping things neutral will avoid causing offence.

Always consider the way in which you write and the way in which you reply to a customer. It's easy to take things personally when it's your own business but remember with social media the whole world can read your reply.

It's often the reply to the complaint that will put people off rather than the complaint itself. As much as possible, respond publicly but take the dialogue offline. You don’t want to engage too much in case it opens too many negatives.

 Here are 5 tips for replying to comments:

  • Show you care – avoid impersonal, template responses
  • Be calm, positive, and empathise with the customer
  • Respond in real time – if you need time to investigate, keep the customer informed, maximum 24 hours
  • Put it right – acknowledge what went wrong and fix it
  • Follow up – going the extra mile takes satisfaction to a new level


Always remain professional

1.    Platform for your brand not your voice

2.    Respond publicly but take the dialogue offline

3.    Respond in real time

4.    Avoid impersonal, template responses

5.     Be calm, positive, and empathise with the customer



Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer, Judge, Coach & Mentor

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