5 Tips to create an effective digital media strategy

The aim of a digital media strategy is to put out a consistent message and stay on brand across all platforms.

To get the most from your marketing, it's important to follow these steps:


Answer these questions:

What defines my existing clients?

How and where to find new clients?

Who are my influencers?  

Where can I create a buzz beyond my salon?

To put out the most efficient message to clients on your database, it's important to ensure your communication is aimed at the correct demographic.


Social media:

Analyse which platform your target audience is likely to use. It 's important to know that managing 1 or 5  social media platforms is not much more time. However, you must ensure the posting is regular otherwise it won't be taken seriously and you'll be unable to generate loyalty.

Email Campaign and text messaging:

Emails are an important aspect of your communication, if your social media communication is consistent then you can afford to send your email campaign every other week, but this would be a minimum.

Assess how often your audience will be happy to receive text messages. Once a month is a good momentum, usually a short targeted offer for a quieter time is efficient. 


Ensure your communication is reflected on your website in order to be consistent. An offer, new treatments etc.


Now you're ready to think of ideas for your marketing activities and create the targeted communication you know will engage your audience.

Sometimes we run out of ideas - how about asking your team, customers or friends? They often come up with innovative ideas and think outside the box.


The marketing calendar is a flexible tool allowing you to respond to upcoming events whether they be sudden or planned.

The key to the strategy is to ensure you have your main activities planned ahead.  Be flexible enough to create other ones as and when they are needed. 

It's important to take time out. Personally, I work per quarter.  Everything is planned ahead by taking a couple of days out of the business. I then review weekly what is happening around me and whether I need to implement other things within my activities.

If you cannot afford to take time out every week, every other week will be a necessity as consistency will build your audience.


Any activity you generate must have some kind of follow up. Analyse whether it has worked or not. Often when you ask: "How was the offer?" The answer is, "Yes it went fine." Define "Fine."

The truth is that everyone's perception of an activity doing well is varied and nothing is clearer than black and white numbers on the page.

Ensure that every activity is monitored so you can adjust it or do it again if you want. Every platform you are using has an analytic section.

Stick to the plan of action you've set to ensure the message is not confusing. The simpler the message, the better it is received.

The whole point of your strategy is to ensure clarity across all your platforms.

Remember, too many messages KILL the message.