5 "MUST HAVE" for Facebook

1.    Opening Hours - When looking you up online customers will want to see your opening hours. You can add this info to your Facebook business page by going to the “About” tab and clicking edit by “Hours”

2.    Call to Action Button - Facebook allows you to have a custom call to action button within your header image. This is a prime spot for capturing your customers and directing them to book an appointment with you. You can add your online booking system or website for example. 

3.    Address and Map - Another reason people will look for you online is to find your exact address. You can add this to your Facebook page on the about section. You will also get an map with a pin drop so your customers can see where you are at a glance.

4.    Phone Number and Email Address - Make it easy for customers to contact you with any questions they have. If a customer has to search for too long for a way to contact you, they may just give up.

5. Reviews - Allowing reviews on your Facebook page, gives customers the opportunity to shout about you. It's the perfect place to collect testimonials and enables you to reply and share reviews. Everything will then be visible on your Facebook page enabling customer's to make an informed decision with regard to booking.